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The Mining Problem

Bitcoin is created by mining and users on the network allow their computers to make mathematical calculations in order to solve puzzles. Users receive a block in the blockchain and Bitcoins once the puzzle is solved and checked by other computers.

Recently the number of miners of Bitcoin has increased and become more competitive. The Bitcoin network makes solving the puzzles more difficult as a reaction to computers that can solve mathematical puzzles. Miners try new hardware or mining rigs to stay in the game and make the exercise profitable. This means that users must make continued efforts to optimize their mining.

How Does Splitt's Crypto Cloud meet these challenges?

Cryptocurrency cloud mining requires no hardware and uses shared processing power from data centers. A user can conduct all of their mining from a home computer.

CPU Mining

People use their Central Processing Units for mining cryptocurrency. The cost of operating the CPU is higher than the rate at which the cryptocurrencies are generated. The type of mining has been replaced by Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) mining.

GPU Mining - offered by Splitt

: This type of mining is more efficient and faster than CPU mining. A hardware chip is soldered to a computer’s graphics card or into the mainboard of a computer. The chips can do incredibly large calculations per second.

ASIC Mining - offered by Splitt

ASIC integrated chips are faster than GPU and CPU mining. They consume less power and have made CPU mining setups less favorable. ASIC is a specialized chip with a single set of processes (mining cryptocurrency).

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