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Plan Details of ASIC Mining

With the Dynamic Cloud Mining plan, you earn 4.70 daily on daily basis right on your Splitt Account. The minimum investment amount is 0.500 BTC and the maximum amount is 50.000 BTC. This contract runs for 35 days.

You earn from the first period of your contract. Cancellation is excluded, as the mining capacities are automatically reserved for you upon conclusion of the contract. Of course it is always possible to withdraw your winnings instantly.

Please use the following Calculator to determine your expected profits and runtimes.

ASIC Mining

4.70% daily
  • 4.70% daily
  • daily Credit
  • 0.500 BTC Min Deposit
  • 50.000 BTC Max Deposit
  • 35 days

Easily calculate your earnings

Use our calculator on the right to quickly and easily calculate your future earnings! Simply enter your desired investment amount and you will see both the days to win, your total profit after expiration of the contract and your daily profit!

Earnings Calculations