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Patel Nguyen

Mr. Patel Nguyen

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Every successful business needs a powerful CEO, a leader with the vision to recognize an opportunity when he sees one.

Luckily, Splitt has just such a CEO in Patel Nguyen, a self-made man who has worked his way up from the bottom to become one of the most admired people in the South Asian cryptocurrency world.

Patel Nguyen brings an air of confidence to his role as CEO of Splitt, but things were not always so rosy. Mr. Nguyen hails from a small town in rural China, were soybean farms were far more common than server farms. Those early years as a farmer were hard ones, but they also laid the groundwork for what would eventually become a great career, one that would eventually lead to the corner office at Splitt.

If his formative years as a rural farmer taught Patel Nguyen anything, it was the value of hard work and dedication. A dedicated family man and a devoted son, Mr. Nguyen helped to keep the fields plowed and the crops growing, even when weather events and financial considerations repeatedly got in the way. The future CEO of Splitt also learned the value of modern technology, even in a rural farming community. While still on the farm, Patel Nguyen employed a number of emergent technologies to improve the crop yield on his family farm, resulting in higher profits and a greater level of wealth for his entire family.

Those early experiences helped solidify Patel Nguyen confidence in computer technology, building on an interest that had been brewing from the start. From his earliest days, Mr. Nguyen recognized the power of technology, not only as a way off the farm and out of poverty but as a way to lift up his fellow countrymen. Even as he was using his technical know-how to improve life for his family, the future leader of Splitt was setting his sights on bigger and better things.

After showing great promise in school, the future CEO of Splitt earned his degree at Princeton University, where he became a standout student in a highly competitive environment.

After completing his education and getting his degree, Patel Nguyen worked for a series of tech firms, including household names like IBM, Google and Facebook. Even so, Patel Nguyen never lost sight of his entrepreneurial ambitions, and the new startup known as Splitt is the end result of those lofty dreams.

Kim Lee

Mr. Kim Lee

CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

Now in middle age, CTO Lee Kim is dedicated to the success of Splitt, and the success of their investors.

The CTO at Splitt is just as accomplished, and just as entrepreneurial, as his counterpart in the CEO office.

Like his CEO counterpart, Lee Kim comes from humble origins. Born into a poor family in rural South Korea, Mr. Kim helped run his parents' small grocery store. Even so, Lee Kim knew he was destined for bigger and better things, and he took an early interest in the emerging field of computer technology.

After showing great promise in his rural school, Lee Kim was selected for additional education in computer science, a field that was just getting started at the time. The future CTO of Splitt showed a great deal of interest, and uncommon talent, in this field, with an innate understanding of how computers worked and how best to harness their powers.

Those early successes with computers and computer technology eventually led Lee Kim to the United States, where he had been recruited by the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a promising international student. It soon become clear that MIT was onto something, as Lee Kim distinguished himself with his coursework and his entrepreneurial spirit.

During his years at MIT, Mr. Kim operated a number of side businesses, using the money to work his way through school and start the investment accounts that would later make his move to Splitt possible. Using the funds he had accumulated, Mr. Kim was able to accept his role at an unproven startup, taking a chance on what he felt was the next big thing in cryptocurrency mining.

As CTO of Splitt, Lee Kim is more than just another bean counter. Indeed, Mr. Kim is also one of those storied early Bitcoin adopters. When he was still in school, Lee Kim recognized the need for a new form of currency, one that was decentralized and free from the control of national banks. As a small-time entrepreneur, Mr. Kim was able to put his money where his beliefs were, becoming one of the first local businesspeople to accept Bitcoin as payment.

That decision turned out to be a very smart one, a move that would eventually help bankroll the tech expert and allow him to get in on the ground floor of the next big thing in Bitcoin mining. His early experience as a Bitcoin adopter led him to explore the world of cryptocurrency mining, an interest that would prove pivotal in his future career as Splitt.

This interest in Bitcoin mining also allowed Lee Kim to identify certain inefficiencies in the process, deficiencies that would later be addressed with the founding of Splitt. Mr. Kim also recognized the power of cloud computing early on, at a time when most corporations still employed local servers and connection speeds were still quite slow. By combining his interest in cloud server technology with his direct experience in the Bitcoin market, Lee Kim was able to recognize the value of cloud-based mining technologies. These days, he uses that unique combination of skills to lead Splitt as CTO.

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