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The executive team behind Splitt saw a different...

...and much fairer, path forward, one where those ordinary users could get a cut of the action. By harnessing the power of cloud server technology and using it to mine Bitcoins, Splitt is seeking a cryptocurrency revolution. By making cryptocurrency accessible to everyone and using cloud-based servers to make mining possible, Splitt is changing the way the market operates, and making room for the ordinary men and women who had previously been left on the outside looking in.

TThe men and women behind Splitt also recognized some of the early deficiencies of the cryptocurrency market, including the increasing difficulty of mining those virtual coins. In the early days of Bitcoin, it took little more than a high-end computer and a great graphics card to process the complex calculations that brought new Bitcoins into the world. But as the complexity of those calculations increased and the number of remaining Bitcoins decreased, mining became a much more difficult endeavor.

Suddenly those ordinary computer geeks were left out in the cold, supplemented by giant server farms in China and India, places were legions of wage slaved worked to mine Bitcoins for their unseen masters. Even as they worked to enrich the giant corporations they worked for, the people on the front lines of Bitcoin mining had to be content with pennies on the dollar.

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